Could everyone sign this petition please?

It would mean a lot! :D

Parties Suck || Navid

Got asked to make this reblogable :)

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Anonymous said: write some navid!!!

Alright, but I guess it’ll be fluff, because as I said I’m not the greatest at smut. Sorry!

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somethingfancyisafoot said: May I have an imagine with Nat please? My name is Haley.

Sorry it took so long! And I do apologise for the shortness as well!

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Ok, so I haven’t been online in a while.

I’ll write something now, ok? Haha don’t hate me!

Any requests?

I’m kind of having writers block. I’m not the best at smut though.

Assigned Seats || Nat

Sorry I haven’t uploading, I’ve been pretty busy. I hope this will make up for it though. There’s a little tiny bit of language that may be offensive, but I tried to keep it to a minimum. Merry late Christmas! :)

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Sleep || Nat (Fanfic)

So I’m uploading again. Hope that’s alright.

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High School is Alright, I guess || Alex (Fanfiction)

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Am I Free Yet? || Nat (Fanfic)

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